Clean New Wheels

  • Rinse and then pre-wash the wheel using an all-purpose-cleaner or contactless wheel cleaner.
  • Use a soft microfiber mitt instead of brushes, and a well lubricated wheel shampoo to clean the wheel thoroughly.
  • Keep rinsing your mitt frequently to prevent dirt building up and being rubbed into the finish.
  • Try and wash your wheels frequently to avoid excessive build up of brake dust.

Which Colour Looks the Cleanest for Longest?

If you drive your car frequently then you’ll need to consider which color stays looking the cleanest. The wheels are usually the dirtiest part of the car due to their close proximity to the road and brake disks. There are two types of “dirt” you’ll find being collected on your wheels:

  • Brake dust
  • Traffic film

Some cars produce more brake dust than others, with high performance vehicles being the worst for it. Silver rims highlight this brake dust more because it is a grey/ brown colour which stands out on the surface more compared to on a black wheel.

However, black gloss wheels also look dirty very quickly if brake dust builds up, especially if you are going for a gloss finish. Satin and matte finishes tend to be a bit more capable at masking brake dust build up.

Secondly, there’s the traffic film to consider. Traffic film is the name used to describe the dirt that collects on the wheels and lower sections of the car when driving in the rain as all that dirty water gets splashed up.

Silver wheels tend to be a bit better at masking traffic film compared to gloss black wheels where it quickly dulls the finish. Again, satin and matte finishes tend to be a bit more forgiving.

It’s also worth considering how dirty the tyres get as well. On a black wheel there is less contrast between the alloy and the tire, which means that once the tire starts getting dirty, the overall wheel tends to look worse. On silver wheels, there is still some contrast between the tire and alloy even when they’re both dirty, so the overall look tends not to be as bad.

Either way, if you go for black or silver wheels, expect to need to clean them quite often if you want them to look good. Neither of these colours are forgiving compared to grey/gunmetal wheels.